Planning has begun for Uganda Dental Mission Trip 2013!  Well, it never actually ends but you know what I mean.  We have assembled our team with a mix of veterans and rookies and we will have a smaller team than years past but with motivation, we will treat our quota of patients.
  Through networking, I was able to get in touch with an organization called "Little Dresses for Africa".  Through their generous efforts, I received 9 boxes of various sized dresses and shorts for the girls and boys of Uganda.  They will be a welcome addition to our mission.
   In other news, our Dr. Paul Musherure will be receiving an award from the Ugandan Embassy in Washington this weekend for his humanitarian efforts.  It will be awarded the weekend of October 13th - 14th in celebration of Uganda's 50th Anniversary of separation from Great Britain.  We are all very proud of him.
  I will share of list of who will be going on this trip, later this month.