Dr. Paul was mentioned in an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Sunday, March 24.  Here is the link  http://www.startribune.com/local/east/199707681.html

A bus load of children after being seen in clinic.

ChiChi, Lisa, and I with some children at tea break.
U.S. Ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi visiting our clinic.
Ambassador DeLisi congratulating the team and Mildmay on our 10 year anniversary.

Bob Witt and Dr. Paul receiving an award from Ambassador DeLisi.

ChiChi with a patient in a dress from one of our sponsors, "Little Dresses for Africa".  It was a great partnership that we hope can grow.

Some of the children with Rachael Maerz saying thank you to our sponsors.

Some patients require a team of people for treatment.

Me with a boy with a new pair of britches, courtesy of "Little Dresses for Africa".

Lisa and I with a patient.

Caroline MacLeod (Deputy Director of Mildmay) with a patient after treatment.

Children in line early for the Dental Clinic

Our Children's Program keep the children entertained while they wait.  Dr. Paul's daughters were there to help one day.

Beth and Kristin with a patient in a pedo-wrap for restraint and safety.  With the language barrier it takes some convincing from our interpreters for the children to use this.  Some think they are being put in a burial shroud.

Bob Witt keeping our dental carts working.

Safely Home!

After a long day of travel including an unscheduled hour delay at Entebbe, we are safely home.  We said goodbye to parts of our team in Amsterdam (Larry, Wilma, Jim, Bob, Rachael, Andrew, and Kristin left for a connecting flight to Detroit, and Julie stayed on in Amsterdam for a week).  Looking back, it is hard to do a mission like this without support.  We supported by supplies from Patterson Dental, Adec, and "Little Dresses for Africa";  from care by Mildmay Centre and it's wonderful staff ; and most of all by our loved ones who supported us all along the way.  I will post pictures and posts in the coming days after I've had a chance to decompress.

Last day of clinic and packup

Today was our last day of clinic and we saw a reduced load of patients.  We saw 11 Mildmay staff and 8 children.  Our total for the trip was 454 patients seen.  We were hoping to see 400, so we were well pleased with our total.   Everyone was safe and it was a very good trip.   One story from our trip.  At the end of the day on Thursday we saw that we were going to run out of photo paper for our patients' pictures.  We asked Caroline how we could get some photo paper.  She had a friend who was a photographer and he was near Mildmay.  He could drop off what paper he had.  It was 10 sheets of paper (exactly how many we would need) in exactly the right size.  As Bob Witt told me afterwards, "The Lord will provide".   I am writing from the Entebbe airport waiting for our flight to Amsterdam.  We will be home tomorrow at 12:35PM.  More when we are safely home.

Kasana Thursday

Today we were given the privilege to speak at Mildmay Chapel.  Janelle led us in song and worship with a group of us being the choir for the songs in chapel.  Janelle followed the songs with a good message which was enjoyed by all.  We were again thanked by the Director of Mildmay for our work.  They are very appreciative of us and we of them.
In clinic we saw a group of children from Kasana.  With the Mildmay children, they numbered 55.  We are starting to run low on boys gifts but thanks to the generosity of "Little Dresses for Africa" , we will have enough gifts for the girls.  Tomorrow we will have a half day of clinic, pack up and leave.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday in clinic had its challenges.  The well at Mildmay is in need of repair so for the water supply at our clinic,  water is brought in in trucks and put in cisterns.  Water was supposed to be brought in on Monday but didn't arrive until 1:00PM on Tuesday,  after we had run out.  Even though we had this obstacle we were able to continue and saw 58 patients and were still able to finish by 7:00PM.  Everyone was tired, but we felt good about our day.
Wednesday started as a rainy day and ended as a rainy day.  Temperatures were quite cool for here (around 70-75) and the children were wrapped in blankets.  We were enjoying the break in temperatures walking around in short sleeves.  I'm sure they were thinking "Crazy mzungus" (white people).  We were very productive and saw 61 patients and were done with clinic by 4:30.  Tonight "cousin" Caroline Macleod (Deputy Director here at Mildmay) is hosting us at her house on campus here for pizza.  We look forward to it.  Two more days of clinic, then pack up and back home.

Safari, Paul's, Ambassador

We returned from safari healthy yesterday.  Lisa and I also were able to go sailing on a 32' sailboat in Lake Victoria with an American businessman.  It was wonderful and relaxing.  Last night Dr. Paul invited our group to his rental house where we were treated to a white linen catered meal and chocolate cake.  The U.S. Ambassador has posted our pictures on his facebook page, so look it up and like them.  More later.

Burns Dinner and safari

Friday evening a large group of the team went to downtown Kampala for a Burns Dinner.  Whereever you are in the world, Scots celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns on January 25th.   The Burns Dinner in Kampala is put on by Scots and it has wonderful food (haggis, tatties, neeps, cockaleaky soup), entertainment (poetry readings and bagpiping), and scottish dancing.  This year I had the honor of saying the Selkirk Grace before the meal.  It ended up being a late night and early morning for some.  The buses left for safari at 6:30AM and some of us didn't return to Mildmay until 3AM.  Lisa, Jodi, Janelle, and I are currently on a short safari to the Haven which is a lodge on the Nile overlooking some beautiful rapids.  Lisa and I rode english saddled thoroughbreds to the resort for a 4 hour ride.  Another ride back in the morning and a day of rest as we wait for the others to return from safari Monday evening.  Monday evening we are also going to Dr. Paul's familiy's house near Mildmay for dinner.  I will post more pictures as I can.  More on Tuesday.

Day 5 of clinic . . .10 years

Day 5 marked the end of our first week of clinic.  We were planning on working a half day and ended up seeing 35 patients.  This put us over 250 patients for the week.  With a reduced team and only half returning team members, it was a very successful week.  We only worked a half day because Mildmay wanted to celebrate our 10th year as a mission.  At 2:30 the U.S. Ambassador to Uganda arrived at our clinic in a bulletproof car with the American flag waving on the fender.  He was a very friendly man and he is originally from Minnesota!  He greeted us all with a handshake and said he was very proud of our team and what we accomplish.  After a photo-op (which the Ambassador said would be posted on the Embassy website) we all went to the chapel building where there were speeches by the Ambassador,  the Director of Mildmay, and Dr. Paul.  Paul and Bob were also given an award for our team.  The event ended with a beautiful cake and cold soft drinks.  It was an honor for all of us.

Day 4

Day 4 was another great day.  We were closer to our target goal of 50, seeing 62 patients.  These children came from a further distance having to travel, having to wake up at 4:30AM to catch the bus.    The children were great and there was a three year old that touched our hearts as he was a smooth dancer.   Everyone is healthy and we ended the day with some of the group going downtown for scottish dancing.  Today we will have a shortened day with seeing 28 and will be blessed with a presentation in honor of our 10th anniversary as a mission.  The U.S. Ambassador and CDC officials will be present.  After this, some of us will be going Scottish dancing where I will be giving the Selkirk Grace.  More on Sunday....

Day 3

Day three started well.  We were expecting 50 people from an outlying village and 8 Mildmay children.  To our surprise 60 arrived from the outlying village and 12 came from Mildmay.  Though it  was a big number for our smaller group, we made it through.  Today we prioritized by age and then Rachael did a triage of the patients.  It made a big difference and we were able to finish by 6:30.  It was another successful day.  Everyone is safe and well.

Some photos from camp

Monday in clinic

Everyone had a good rest on Sunday and we were ready for clinic on Monday.  Some of us went to  church, while the majority of us went horseback riding by the Nile.  It was an amazing ride, riding through native villages and being greeted by "Mzungu (white person) I am fine, how are you?"  The horses were in great shape and the scenery unforgettable.
Monday's clinic started a little late and ended an hour after dark at 8:30.  It was a very tiring day but everyone was healthy and safe and we saw 45 patients.
Tuesday was another successful day as we found our rhythm in clinic.  We saw 49 patients and were able to finish by 6:30.  We are meshing as a unit and are ready for another good day.  Weather is 83 and sunny :-).

Sorry for not posting earlier.  I'm sure there are a lot of concerned people.  We have had two good days of clinic and are meshing well.  We are all safe and having good clinics.  Hopefully we will get reliable internet access tomorrow  and I will be able to post pictures and add to the blog.  I will post more tomorrow. 

Here and set up.

Finally arrived last night (actually Saturday) after a long day.  We traveled to Amsterdam without a hitch.  However, we were supposed to leave Amsterdam at 10:05 but had plane issues.  Finally at 1:25 we left for Kigale, Rwanda where we were supposed to have a 1 hour layover.  More plane troubles.  We finally made it to Entebbe at 1:40 and our final destination of Mildmay at 2:30.  Getting to bed at 4AM we were up at 9 to set up clinic.  We are ready to go for Monday.  Tomorrow is a day of "rest" with a large part of our group going horseback riding by the Nile.  I will post more on Monday after clinic.

Made it safely to Amsterdam. One more 8 hour flight.  Everyone doing okay.  More when we get to Uganda.
We leave today for Uganda.  It will be a long 8 hours to Amsterdam, 8 more to Kigali, Rwanda where we will have a 1.5 hour layover and then another hour to Entebbe Airport.  We leave at 3:10PM Minneapolis time today and arrive at 1:00PM Minneapolis time tomorrow.  I never look forward to the flights (in fact it takes me about a year to forget them), but I always look forward to the people of Uganda and the kids we treat.  Pray for another successful trip.

Mildmay Uganda

During our upcoming stay in Uganda (and for all of our missions in Uganda), Mildmay Centre has been our gracious hosts.  They have a site on Facebook - Mildmay Centre Uganda.  Visit them to find out what is happening there and to find out all the great work they do.

Final list, final preparations

We have our final team assembled and we are making final preparations for our trip (we leave next Thursday).  Our final team is :

Dr. Paul Musherure (dentist and leader)
Dr. Kristin Bothun (dentist)
Dr. Nick Rogers (dentist)
Dr. Rose Kibalizi  (Ugandan dentist)
Andrew Bruening (dental student)
Rachel Maerz (dental student)

Lisa McCloud (dental assistant)
Debra Lathers (dental assistant)
Julie Barbier (dental assistant)
Jodi Kyrk (dental assistant)
Nicholas (Ugandan dental nurse)

Randy McCloud (tech / rover)
Rick Maus (Tech)
Kris Maus (Registration /children's program)
ChiChi Ogbonnaya (Registration / children's program)
Ade Olayinka (children's program)
Wilma McMenimen (Registration / children's program)
Larry McMenimen (tech)
Jim McMenimen (tech)
Bob Witt (tech)
Janelle Johnson (post op)
Charlotte Smith (registration)
Beth Nickman (Registration / children's program)
Iryne Kabenge (post op)
Gladys Kobusingye (Interpreter / registration)

We are planning on seeing 50 patients per day with a total of 400 patients.  With luck and prayers, we   should reach our goal.  This year will mark our 10 year as a mission and Mildmay will have a presentation in our honor on our first Friday of work.   We look forward to a successful trip.