Last day of clinic and packup

Today was our last day of clinic and we saw a reduced load of patients.  We saw 11 Mildmay staff and 8 children.  Our total for the trip was 454 patients seen.  We were hoping to see 400, so we were well pleased with our total.   Everyone was safe and it was a very good trip.   One story from our trip.  At the end of the day on Thursday we saw that we were going to run out of photo paper for our patients' pictures.  We asked Caroline how we could get some photo paper.  She had a friend who was a photographer and he was near Mildmay.  He could drop off what paper he had.  It was 10 sheets of paper (exactly how many we would need) in exactly the right size.  As Bob Witt told me afterwards, "The Lord will provide".   I am writing from the Entebbe airport waiting for our flight to Amsterdam.  We will be home tomorrow at 12:35PM.  More when we are safely home.

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