A bus load of children after being seen in clinic.

ChiChi, Lisa, and I with some children at tea break.
U.S. Ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi visiting our clinic.
Ambassador DeLisi congratulating the team and Mildmay on our 10 year anniversary.

Bob Witt and Dr. Paul receiving an award from Ambassador DeLisi.

ChiChi with a patient in a dress from one of our sponsors, "Little Dresses for Africa".  It was a great partnership that we hope can grow.

Some of the children with Rachael Maerz saying thank you to our sponsors.

Some patients require a team of people for treatment.

Me with a boy with a new pair of britches, courtesy of "Little Dresses for Africa".

Lisa and I with a patient.

Caroline MacLeod (Deputy Director of Mildmay) with a patient after treatment.

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