Day 5 of clinic . . .10 years

Day 5 marked the end of our first week of clinic.  We were planning on working a half day and ended up seeing 35 patients.  This put us over 250 patients for the week.  With a reduced team and only half returning team members, it was a very successful week.  We only worked a half day because Mildmay wanted to celebrate our 10th year as a mission.  At 2:30 the U.S. Ambassador to Uganda arrived at our clinic in a bulletproof car with the American flag waving on the fender.  He was a very friendly man and he is originally from Minnesota!  He greeted us all with a handshake and said he was very proud of our team and what we accomplish.  After a photo-op (which the Ambassador said would be posted on the Embassy website) we all went to the chapel building where there were speeches by the Ambassador,  the Director of Mildmay, and Dr. Paul.  Paul and Bob were also given an award for our team.  The event ended with a beautiful cake and cold soft drinks.  It was an honor for all of us.

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