Burns Dinner and safari

Friday evening a large group of the team went to downtown Kampala for a Burns Dinner.  Whereever you are in the world, Scots celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns on January 25th.   The Burns Dinner in Kampala is put on by Scots and it has wonderful food (haggis, tatties, neeps, cockaleaky soup), entertainment (poetry readings and bagpiping), and scottish dancing.  This year I had the honor of saying the Selkirk Grace before the meal.  It ended up being a late night and early morning for some.  The buses left for safari at 6:30AM and some of us didn't return to Mildmay until 3AM.  Lisa, Jodi, Janelle, and I are currently on a short safari to the Haven which is a lodge on the Nile overlooking some beautiful rapids.  Lisa and I rode english saddled thoroughbreds to the resort for a 4 hour ride.  Another ride back in the morning and a day of rest as we wait for the others to return from safari Monday evening.  Monday evening we are also going to Dr. Paul's familiy's house near Mildmay for dinner.  I will post more pictures as I can.  More on Tuesday.

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