Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday in clinic had its challenges.  The well at Mildmay is in need of repair so for the water supply at our clinic,  water is brought in in trucks and put in cisterns.  Water was supposed to be brought in on Monday but didn't arrive until 1:00PM on Tuesday,  after we had run out.  Even though we had this obstacle we were able to continue and saw 58 patients and were still able to finish by 7:00PM.  Everyone was tired, but we felt good about our day.
Wednesday started as a rainy day and ended as a rainy day.  Temperatures were quite cool for here (around 70-75) and the children were wrapped in blankets.  We were enjoying the break in temperatures walking around in short sleeves.  I'm sure they were thinking "Crazy mzungus" (white people).  We were very productive and saw 61 patients and were done with clinic by 4:30.  Tonight "cousin" Caroline Macleod (Deputy Director here at Mildmay) is hosting us at her house on campus here for pizza.  We look forward to it.  Two more days of clinic, then pack up and back home.

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