Final list, final preparations

We have our final team assembled and we are making final preparations for our trip (we leave next Thursday).  Our final team is :

Dr. Paul Musherure (dentist and leader)
Dr. Kristin Bothun (dentist)
Dr. Nick Rogers (dentist)
Dr. Rose Kibalizi  (Ugandan dentist)
Andrew Bruening (dental student)
Rachel Maerz (dental student)

Lisa McCloud (dental assistant)
Debra Lathers (dental assistant)
Julie Barbier (dental assistant)
Jodi Kyrk (dental assistant)
Nicholas (Ugandan dental nurse)

Randy McCloud (tech / rover)
Rick Maus (Tech)
Kris Maus (Registration /children's program)
ChiChi Ogbonnaya (Registration / children's program)
Ade Olayinka (children's program)
Wilma McMenimen (Registration / children's program)
Larry McMenimen (tech)
Jim McMenimen (tech)
Bob Witt (tech)
Janelle Johnson (post op)
Charlotte Smith (registration)
Beth Nickman (Registration / children's program)
Iryne Kabenge (post op)
Gladys Kobusingye (Interpreter / registration)

We are planning on seeing 50 patients per day with a total of 400 patients.  With luck and prayers, we   should reach our goal.  This year will mark our 10 year as a mission and Mildmay will have a presentation in our honor on our first Friday of work.   We look forward to a successful trip.

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