2012 List

Our Mission Team list for 2012 is complete!  This year's team includes : (Dentists) Dr. Paul Musherure,  Dr. Sara Podoll, Dr. Joni Richmond, Dr. Sally Schuette, Dr. Justin Stevens, (Assistants and Techs) John Walker, Randy McCloud, Mackenzie McCloud, Julie Barbier, Lisa McCloud, Jodi Kyrk, Terry Syverson, Pam Syverson, Judy Prowse, Colleen Gauron, Mayra Almeida, Shelly Hoeykens, Molly Meyers, Karrie Schutt, Sharon Timmons, Janelle Johnson, Elizabeth Nickman, Kim Gauron, Jim McMenimen, and Bob Witt.  We leave on January 12th and are getting ready.

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