Last day before weekend break.

Today we saw 35 patients and were able to finish clinic by 2:00 to prepare for the weekend. Everything is running smoothly and everyone is safe and sound. Today's highlight name was Achilles (what a cool name). Here is a sample of a typical day: 7:00 - breakfast is served (fruit, cereal, French toast, toast, and juice) 8:00 - Chapel 8:45- Morning huddle, plan, and prayer 9:00 - start with staff or Mildmay patients until the buses arrive 11:00 - Morning tea 1:00 - Lunch break 1:30 - afternoon patients 3:30 - afternoon tea 7:00 - +/- end of patients 7:00 - dinner and bonding time Tomorrow we leave for safari, etc . . Returning for clinic on Tuesday. More then.

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