A light Tuesday

Today we saw a light load of Milmay patients totaling 42. We were expecting 91 but that is how it goes sometimes. We were able to give some of the staff at Mildmay much needed dental care to fill out our day. Tomorrow we are scheduled for nearly 100 patients, we will see how it goes. Tonight we are going out to treat ourselves to pizza at Mamamia Pizzeria in downtown Kampala. We are looking forward to it. P.S. Everyone is healthy. We found out today that the change to Delta from Northwest is complete and it screwed up our seats for our flight. We are scrambling to get the information so we can sit together. More later . . .

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  1. I'm so grateful for your blog! Thank you for taking time to write for us back in the US. My name is Kim Isbell - Joni's mom and Dan's wife. Joni spoiled us with her blogs in years past and understandably she wanted to spend more time with all of you this year. I appreciate hearing that everyone is healthy and how fun your safari was!
    Thank you !!!