Safe return home.

Today we arrived safely at home in Minnesota, Denver, and Phoenix. We started our journey by traveling to the airport at 7:00PM Uganda time and checking in at the airport. Everything went fairly smooth except that the merger of Northwest and Delta went through while we were in Uganda which caused our seats to get scrambled or needing to be reselected. At the airport we said goodbye to two of our team, Adam and Justin, who were catching a later flight to London and on to Denver. We left Uganda at 10:55PM on our 8 hour plus flight to Amsterdam. At the Amsterdam airport, we said goodbye to Bob, Larry, and Jim who were taking a separate flight to Phoenix and Judy and Tina who flew through Detroit to get back to Minneapolis. After a 5 hour lay over in Amsterdam and another hour delay due to fog, we continued our journey home to Minneapolis via another 8 hour plus flight. During the flights we were able to get caught up on our movie watching, but I at least didn't get any sleep and am looking forward to stretching out in my bed at home. The next few months will be filled with collecting the data from this trip and making plans for next years trip. All in all it was a very successful trip and more importantly a safe trip. Many thanks to all of our sponsors and freinds and family for their support. I will post a few pictures from our mission later this week.

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