A day of Rest ?

Last night we were guests of Paul's sister-in-law Elizabeth in Kampala. It was a wonderful traditional Ugandan meal with rice, potatoes, steak,soda pop, and ice cream. It was a welcome treat. We returned to Mildmay around midnight. This morning we woke at 6:30 to go for a half day trip to Nganza Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It was a relaxing hour boat trip on Lake Victoria (Africa's largest lake and the second largest lake in the world, behind Lake Superior). It was a very informative visit and it was an eye opener to see the Chimpanzees up close in a natural environment. We followed the trip with a good meal at the Botanical gardens and returned to Mildmay by 6:00. We are now ready for three marathon days of 100 or so patients each day. It will be hard work, but that is what we are here for. More later . . .

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  1. Tell Kenzie we miss her a ton!! and we hope you are having tons of fun

    ~Brady and Family