Last day of clinic for the First week

Today was the end of the clinic for the week. We were expecting 40 patients from Mildmay and another 30 from outlying regions. To our surprise, the 30 turned into 70 and we were facing a long day. We were able to reduce the 70 back to 30 and ended the day at 66 patients for a total of 285 for the week. It was a comfortable day and a good week of work. It was a long day for us, but an even longer day for the children from the outlying area. The 70 kids arrived in two vans intended for 15 people each and traveled three hours to get there. Some of our group have gotten sick with illnesses from being in a foreign country but are recovering. My daughter Mackenzie was one of those but with the help of two i.v.s she is recovering and is going on safari with us tomorrow. My wife and I both offered to stay back with her but she is feeling better and wants to go. We leave tomorrow morning at 6:45 and will return late Monday evening. I will right more on our return.

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