Not your average Wednesday.

Today was not your average Wednesday clinic at Mildmay. We usually have a hard time filling up with patients on Wednesday because the rest of Mildmay clinic is closed on Wednesdays. Because of good scheduling by the staff at Mildmay, we saw 59 patients with the last nine being from a very poor region of Kampala. The last nine patients took three hours + with many extractions, etc.. One girl that we saw (about 8 years of age) had 10 extractions and several fillings. Because of the sugar content of the anti-retroviral drugs that these children take and the lack of a consistent water supply, the tooth decay is rampant. This girl in particular was close to our hearts, she had wood sticks in her pierced ears so we gifted her with earrings from donors back home as a token gift. All in all it was a good day.

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