Good Second day of clinic

Today was a good second day.  We saw 65 patients and had a. good mix of heavy work (many extractions, crowns, etc.) and just a toothbrush prophy. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day with 80 patients booked.  Some highlights today... one of our Sterilizers went down for the count but fortunately we were able to borrow one from Mildmay for the duration which is as quick and holds more instruments,  because of this we were able to learn the conversion of PSI to KPSI (Jim knew it was KiloPascals per inch).  Bob was able to repair one of the children's trikes with a hacksaw and J.B. weld.  We also had several great photographs that will be posted on our return.  More tomorrow.


  1. You are so wonderful to do this for us! Thank you! Take care of each other too! Love and prayers to all!
    Kim Isbell (Joni's mom)

  2. What an amazing gift you give yourself. There's no greater happiness in life than helping others. You all are wonderful people who have found the secret to a good life.

    I pray for your continued strength. You have a lot of long hours ahead of you.

    Aunt Kebbie