Safely Home

We arrived safely home Saturday afternoon after a long day of travel.  Friday we finished our clinic with 29 patients, making our total for the clinic 526 patients seen.  Our unofficial goal is 500+ so we were glad to make it to 526.  We were able to wrap up clinic by noon and begin packing our supplies and equipment for next year.  We finished packing by 3 in the afternoon and had time to pack our clothes and relax before going to the Entebbe Airport.  We were given an appreciation dinner by Mildmay where they thanked us for all of our hard work.  We in turn thanked the staff at Mildmay because without them, we couldn't do our mission trip.  At 7:00 we left for the airport where we waited for our 11:00PM flight.  It is always warm at the Entebbe Airport and once again we sweltered while we waited for our flight, making the showers we took before leaving obsolete.  Our flights both to Amsterdam and Minneapolis were without incident.  We said our goodbyes at the airport and will now face a long week of adjusting to jet lag.  Thanks again to all family and friends for supporting us on our mission.

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