Last day of work for the week

We had a great day of camp for the week and ended up seeing 89 patients.  It went very smoothly because we triaged the kids from smallest to oldest, making for a quieter afternoon.  Everyone finished the week with healthy with only a few intestinal issues (to be expected).  Tomorrow our group will separate into groups that are going on safari,  going on horseback safari by the Nile, and a group that is visiting an orphanage.  We will meet back at Mildmay on Monday.  Some highlights of the week are : 349 patients seen, a good number that will put us well over 500 for the trip;  two "runners",  the first kid was a local kid that just decided to get on the bus with kids from 3 hours out of town.  He was returned safe the next day.  The second runner happened today.  He was the last to be registered and after hearing the noises of the other children, he decided to get on the first bus out of town.  Unfortunately the bus went southwest and he is from northeast of town.  He was found out and made it home safely without treatment.  My next post will be on Sunday evening.

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  1. Hope you all have great fun on your weekend trips, return safely, and hope the children continue to remain where they should. Ha ha...great fun!!!