Second Monday in Clinic

For the second Monday in clinic we had a reduced staff due to the part of the team that had gone on safari would not return until late afternoon.  Because of this 11 recalls and 9 patients were scheduled.  Even with the reduced number of patients, it became an arduous day of work.  The recall patients all required more extensive work and we ended up working until 2 in the afternoon without a pause.  After the safari group returned safely (about 5 in the afternoon), we were invited to Caroline Macleod's house for an American-like dinner.  We were served burgers, potato chips, and chocolate muffins.  It was a good time.  Today will be a busy day with 80 patients expected from upcountry.   Also today,  Janelle from our group will be giving the message in chapel before we begin.  We are looking forward to it.  Hello to everyone back home.  (By the way, my son Zac returned safely to Minnesota yesterday.)

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