Arrived at Mildmay and first days of clinic

Sorry for the delay.  We arrived at Mildmay at around 10PM on Sunday after an thankfully uneventful flight from Amsterdam.  After a good nights rest (being able to lie flat in a bed again) we woke up early Monday and began the always different task of setting up clinic.  Most of our supplies were found and we began laying out our clinic in a different building from previous years.  There were a few problems we had to work around but by 2PM we were able to see patients, until 7PM.  The first patients were the staff at Mildmay.   We found some issues with equipment but by the end of the day we realized we were ready to see kids the on Tuesday. 
Tuesday was a pretty typical day at Mildmay.  We began with a good breakfast of eggs, toast and fresh fruit.  Next is chapel with african drums pounding out a rhythm.  The director of Mildmay spoke at church of his thankfulness for returning and working on the kids.  He also said that they had received funding by the U.S. CDC for another 5 years which will allow a skeleton crew to treat more children with less money.  60 people were laid off from Mildmay since last year. By 9AM we started seeing patients and had a good day.  We saw 60 kids.  Other than a problem with our sterilization unit, which was put back into good working order by Bob and John, we had few glitches.  Tomorrow if all goes right, we hope to see 70 patients.
On a side note, Lisa, I, and the 4 teenagers went to a friend of ours' place near Mildmay.  We had to cross a busy road and we greeted with "Hi, Mzungu" by all of the children on our way.  At Gladys's home we ate a home cooked meal that she had prepared over charcoal stoves.  It had eight separate dishes, some ice cold soda and the sweetest pineapple we had ever tasted.  We brought desert which was totally new to them. Oreo Cookies.  Amanda showed them the American way to eat them (licking the frosting first).  They really enjoyed them.
Everyone is safe and healthy, hoping every at home is too.  By the way it is 80 and sunny everyday here :-).  More tomorrow ....

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