Last day, then home ..

Our last day of clinic for this trip went very well.  We saw 40 children from the Mildmay Clinic and were ready to pack by 1:00PM.  For packing, we store our equipment and supplies on site in large metal boxes that we have had constructed in Kampala.  The craftsman (because there is no other word that could describe him) makes our metal boxes one at a time without the use of power tools or metal brakes.  He makes everything (hinges, hasps,handles, and tops) by hand with a hammer and small piece of metal to bend the parts over.  They are works of art and have protected our equipment for two years now.  Packing went very efficiently with John Walker taking the lead and controlling the packing groups.  Within 3 hours we were packed and able to start getting ready for the long trip home.  This trip was very successful with over 500 children seen and alot of good work done.  Everyone was kept safe and the weather was ideal.  Tonight we leave for the airport at 9:00 and will leave Kampala at 1:45AM.   After a long layover in Amsterdam, where we hope to do a little site seeing, we will finally arrive home late tomorrow afternoon.  I will post pictures late in the weekend.  Bye for now.

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