Productive day.

Today we started slowly, but knew that it would end busy.  We started by working on Mildmay adult staff patients to fill the time until children could arrive from rural areas.  Dr. Faith even did some fine restorative work on a very grateful staff member.  Around 11PM, the buses arrived.  Four mini-vans with with 70 kids plus caregivers.  All the work went well, with many extractions and restorations.  The quality of their teeth is deteriorated because of the sugar in the HIV drugs and the lack of good water sources.  At the end of the day, we had seen a total of 95 patients (78 children and 17 staff members).  Everyone was tired at the end, but we will regenerate and expect the same today.  Everyone is well, hope you are all too.  With love from Uganda . . .

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