Back from a busy weekend

We all made it back safely from our busy, "relaxing" weekend.  Some of us went to orphanages, shopped, or relaxed around the pool in Kampala.  Others went gorilla trekking in southwest Uganda.  The group I was in went on safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwest Uganda.  The weather was great, mid to upper 80's and we saw a variety of animals.  We saw a leopard, a lion in a tree, cape buffalo, hippos, mongoose, birds (too many to mention), and a crocodile.  The food was excellent, and a little more like home food.  The drive however, was exhausting.  Driving through that part of Uganda is beautiful.  We see several tea fields, cotton fields, banana plantations, and even corn fields.  Parts of it look like the Highlands of Scotland.  We even get a glimpse of the Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon).  As we drive through the villages children come out from behind huts to energetically wave at the "Mzungu's".  We ran into a lot of road construction.  Dust clouds and close calls are the order of the day.  Fractions of an inch instead of inches are the margin between our vehicle and oncoming traffic.  Red dust covers everything including us in our vans.  It is always a welcome site to see the gates of Mildmay.  Our home in Uganda.  More tomorrow after clinic.

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