Day and night

Thursday at clinic was loud but productive.  The kids we saw were from upcountry and were more vocal with more of a language barrier.  We saw 86 patients and will be well over our unofficial target of 500 for our trip.  We try to see as many children as possible with no upper limit.
In the evening I, my wife,our daughter, and Amanda were invited to Dr. Rose's home.  She is a Ugandan dentist who helps us greatly each year.  We arrived at her home that has a heavy iron gate with a night watchman and when the gates opened we were surprised to find a very American looking home.  They had 5 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a family room.  They ordered takeout pizza, fish, pork, and refreshments for us and we were very appreciative.  Pizza is hard to come by in Uganda.  They are fortunate that they are both professionals and can afford some of life's luxuries.  Her husband Steven is also in the Rotary Club which has allowed them to travel.  By traveling to the U.S. they were allowed to buy a flat screen tv (1/3 of the price that it would have cost in the Uganda).  We had a marvelous time.
Today we see patients in the morning and pack up our clinic for another year.  Tonight begins the long journey home.

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