a Little insight

Today was another typical day with a good amount of patients seen.  I won't bore you with the details but will say that we saw 68 patients.  46 came on two mini-buses (each minibus capacity is about 12 usually) and one minibus only had 3. 
One of the stories from the past two days is a little heartwrenching and put a lump in my throat.  Dr. Paul saw one little girl as a patient.  She came from a rural area and was very small, looking like a 6 month old baby.  He said her name meant "twin" and asked her mother what happened to her twin.  The mother replied that the twin had died recently.  The little girl had arms that were the diameter of a quarter and was very malnourished.  At two years old (her actual age) she was the size of a baby.  She was already on anti-retroviral drugs for HIV and will have to be for the rest of her life.  Dr. Paul could only give her an examination and a toothbrush cleaning because any other treatment could compromise her health.  In her language, he told the mother "God willing, come back next year and we will be able to treat her."  We all pray that we can.

Everyone healthy.  We are thinking of home.

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